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Irrespective of the type of mounting mechanism

Due to the presence of these lenses and reflectors, there is ample beam control and its angle can be controlled across a wide range from as low as 10-degrees to as high as 180-degrees.

The use of optical enhancements is a great feature that is seen in emergency vehicle light bars which use dozens of LED arrays of varying power ratings and dimensions. In some cases, translucent lenses are used while in some cases, clear polycarbonate lenses are used to enhance the beam by a few notches. Only if the energy usage is efficient, that one can keep those lights on for a long time powered by a simple, highly portable 12 � 24V DC power supply, with low amperage in the circuits. 

Irrespective of the type of mounting mechanism being used, it is commonly seen LED Filament Bulb that the light bars can be mounted at virtually any angle and at any point of the vehicle. The light bars which are used for emergency vehicles are designed to suit critical scenarios and are known for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Snap-in lenses, inner and outer lenses and colored filters are some of the other elements that find favor in the design of the modern light bars. emergency vehicle light bars are also known for their additional features like built in flash patterns that can flash in sequential, steady, solid or alternate flashes at rates higher than 150 per minute. The mounting options depend upon the dimensions of the light bars which vary from as low as 16 inches to as high as 72 inches in length. Both hot spots as well as peripheral illumination can be achieved with the help of the diagonal mirrors and reflectors that are used in modern light bars. Parabolic reflectors and optic spreading filters are used to collect unidirectional light beams from the LED arrays and then spread them across a wide angle. Some light bars come with side marker lights and rotator strobe lights as well, which too can rotate at great speeds for 360-degree visibility. This is really significant because during emergencies, whether it is a search operation, a rescue mission or a warning light for highway wreckage, one can never be sure about the duration for which the lights have to be switched on. The advanced light bars are also well protected against adverse scenarios, like short circuiting, reverse polarity or high voltage issues. 

Led Tube emergency vehicle light bars are known for the dozens of mounting options that are available for them. For full featured light bars, swivel brackets with suction cups are used while mini light bars are usually mounted with the help of magnetic mounting or slide bolt and screw mounting. Modern emergency vehicle light bars come with a wide range of advanced features which are a result of great attention to detail and a thoughtful approach towards the whole idea of emergency lighting. The light bars use advanced technology to enhance energy efficiency. In some cases, universal mounting clamps are provided with the mounting kit while in other cases, stainless steel straps are used.