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The versatility is enhanced through special features

15ft wire harness, controller line, fully functional control boxes and long wires for battery connection, add to the reliability of the emergency lights. Moreover, these lenses are clear and hence, virtually undetectable when the LEDs are turned off, which makes them ideal for covert and stealth operations. 

The versatility is enhanced through special features offered by rotating beacons and light bars that provide 360-degree flexibility.There is a wide spectrum of benefits offered by emergency light bars especially with the wide range of features that are being provided these days. Modern light bars can be chosen based on the vehicles they are used with for example, lightweight bars for thinner roofs and wider LED Tube China bars for SUVs where greater stability and enhanced aerodynamics might be required. Moreover, some of these emergency lights come with 12 different modules or traffic advisors, which can be equally distributed, with 6 facing the front and 6 facing the back. Whether it is for emergency lighting in case of fire, traffic advisor to disperse a crowd and clear an alley or warning lights to caution vehicles about dangerous wreckage or construction sites, emergency light bars are useful due to the availability of an entire spectrum of colored LEDs that can be configured into several modules. Warning lights use combinations of LEDs like red and blue, blue and amber, etc.
. However, the versatility, the adjustability and the cost effectiveness offered by these light bars, vary as well. 

The sleek design of emergency light bars is another benefit because it adds to their reliability and sturdiness.

The clear lenses help in enhancing the coverage of the light beam to a great extent thus helping in getting a better output at the same cost. Such emergency light bars are ideal when all-round coverage and visibility is required. They can easily be mounted on the roofs and are easily installable. For example, a light bar 48� in length, 12� in width and about 9� in height often provides excellent distribution of the overall weight. For example, advanced light bars come with clear lenses, chrome deflectors, Edison Bulb mirrors and colored filters. The rotator lamps too can be used and combined with speaker horn and spot halogen lights for additional effect. depending upon the requirement. The simple circuit helps avoiding messy installation systems or wires. You can purchase an emergency light bar from a price as low as $100 to a price as high as $1000. Moreover, these dual color lights are easily adjustable and can be used as front facing or rear facing lights. Whether you need inner or outer edge light bars, stealth light bars for covert operations, strobe light bars for rescue operations, takedown alley lights or flashing beacons, you can find them at affordable rates. This will lower energy consumption which is why modern light bars are said to be eco-friendly to a large extent. These rotating beacons are often seen on top of ambulances and vehicles used by top government officials. The mounting hardware and the complete kit, is lightweight and portable too.