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The same lighting effects

high luminous efficiencyLED after decades of technology improvement, the luminous efficiency have been greatly improved. Incandescent lamp, tungsten halogen light effect for the 12-24 lumens / watt, fluorescent light for 50 ~ 70 lumens / watt HPS, 90 ~ 140 lumens / watt, most of the energy into heat. LED light effect after improvement will reach up to 50 to 200 lumens / watt, and the light of the good monochromaticity, spectrally narrow, without filtering can directly send out visible color light. At present, all countries in the world to improve the efficiency of LED light, in the near future the luminous efficiency will have greater improvement.2, less power consumptionLED single power of 0.03 to 0.06 watts, using DC drive, single driving voltage 1.5 to 3.5 volts, current of 15 ~ 18 Ma, fast reaction speed, can operate at a high frequency.

The same lighting effects, power consumption is the incandescent light bulb 1/8, fluorescent lamp 1/2, Japan estimates, such as the use of light effect than the fluorescent lamp and high two times LED replaced the Japanese half incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Annual savings equivalent to 6000000000 liters of crude oil. The bridge guardrail lamp case, the same effect as a Zhi Riguang light more than 40 watts, and the LED of each power of only 8 watts like T2 Lighting, but also colorful changes.3, long service lifeUse of electronic optical radiation emitting, filament light burning, heat deposition, light attenuation. And the LED lamp (Aluminium Lamp) has the advantages of small volume, light weight, epoxy resin encapsulation, can bear high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easily broken. The average life expectancy of 100000 hours.

LED lamp life of up to 5 ~ 10 years, can greatly reduce the maintenance cost of lamps, often to avoid changing the lamp.4, strong safety and reliabilityLow heat, no radiation, cold light source, can be safely arrived in touch: can accurately control the light and emitting angle, light color and soft, no glare; does not contain mercury, sodium and other possible health hazard. The built-in microprocessor system can control the luminous intensity, adjust the luminous mode, realize the combination of light and art.5, there is in favor of environmental protectionLED is the solid luminous body, shock resistance, impact resistance and not easily broken, recyclable waste, no pollution. The light source has the advantages of small volume, can be freely combined, Yi Kaifa light thin short small lighting products, but also is convenient for installation and maintenance.Of course, we consider the use of LED light source of energy saving is the main reason, perhaps LED light source to expensive than traditional light sources, but use a year of time to recover investment in energy-saving light source, thus obtaining 4 ~ 9 years several times a year energy-saving net income period.Canton Fair IMP. & EXP. Co.,Ltd is a producer who engaged in the export of LED light , in addition to sell general LED Street Lighting, we also supply all kinds of LED Aluminium Lamp like LED Cabinet Lighting. Promoting the city lighting level, creating happiness for more residents has been committed to our goal.