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These are the lights which consume about third of the electricity

People still buy electric products using the wattage terminology but, on the manufacturing side, dominated by the environmental conservation objectives, the technological shift has been to the lux-based terminology. The result has been the evolution of LED light, or the light emitting diode lights. Light has many properties. Another major development has been the evolution of the global standards in this field. The LED is actually the light that comes out of a diode from its two terminals. This technique is also in use in the making of LED Candle Lights display devices like computer screens, TVs and a number of other applications. 
Sol, whether it is the commercial lighting or other electric products which have to be purchased, the consumers can easily check for the rating. With the introduction of the LED lights, both the home-based and the commercial lighting have undergone a sea change. 

These are the lights which consume about third of the electricity as compared to the traditional devices, such as incandescent bulbs. Their use in the beacon lighting and in many other lighting applications is what is driving the energy conservation drive. Lumen is the intensity of light. Therefore, in reference to the lights or LED lighting in particular, it is the element of lux or the intensity of light focussed on a unit area which is being used to reduce the wattage-based electric devices. The evolution of standard rating means that the power consumption of the electric appliances can be commonly understood across the countries. Lumen and Lux are the SI (Quantities of measurement types) units of illuminance. In effect, in terms of usage, the consumers do not see much of the difference except for greater whiteness which is perceivable. Lux reflects the intensity of light on a given unit area. Illuminance is one of these properties which is proving to be instrumental in saving the environment. There have been innovations in the use of modern lighting equipment and their designs and styles so that the interiors and the exteriors can be decorated wonderfully. The power consumption is reduced, enabling saving of monthly electricity bills without compromising on the lighting LED Filament Bulb requirements. This is also a major help for the policy makers who can now refer to the common standards. The use of these lights is faster changing the way people illuminate their places and environmental concerns are assuming paramount importance. 

While it is not possible to reduce the dependence on electricity in absolute terms since the energy needs are growing but it is also a fact that the people quickly understand the useful role played by the LED lights. Other major power consumers like the hotels and entertainment industry also benefits a lot with the introduction of modern LED lights based products like the LED downlights for stage performances and LED flash lights. It is not that the wattage is no longer the criteria for selection. This directly affects the monthly bills of the people and people can effect savings of hundreds of dollars in their monthly bills.